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This book is a narrative and photographic backup to the Africa-wide Great Elephant Census of 2016. Shockingly, the census found that there to be fewer than 450 000 elephants in Africa today, well down from the three to five million 100 years ago. In many of their home ranges, elephant numbers have dropped by a third in just seven years. The census found that, on average, an elephant is now being killed every 15 to 20 minutes.

Throughout much of Africa, these intelligent, extraordinary creatures are in crisis.

This book tells the stories of the continent's elephants and the dangers they face through the eyes of over 40 experts, researchers, writers, conservationists, poets and park rangers throughout Africa. They cover most of the prime elephant ranges from Timbuktu to South Africa; from Nigeria to Tanzania and are supported by images from some of the continent’s finest photographers.


In these thought-provoking, often outrageous but always beautifully crafted stories, you’ll discover why your dog barks, where you cat goes at night and meet the man who learned the science of invisibility.

 There are real dragons to be found, whales that sing 1 600-kilometre songs, impossible seeming truths such as, if connected end on end, the DNA in your body could stretch to the sun and back, and the fact that – in speed per body length –  a humming bird is faster than the Space Shuttle.

 Don Pinnock doesn’t take the world for granted. And the deeper he looks, the stranger it becomes. What he finds will make your head spin.

 But be warned, this book are a danger to the world you think you know.

Gang Town

Winner: City Press



The woman who lived in          a tree and other perfect strangers


Loveletters to Africa   


African Journeys


The Brotherhoods: street gangs in Cape Town


Writing left : The radical journalism of Ruth First


Voices of liberation: Ruth First


South Africa

Don Pinnock (text)

Gerald Hoberman (photos)

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Finalist: European Union Literary Award 2009


Blue Ice: Travels in Antarctica


Natural Selections


Gangs, rituals and rites of passage


Ruth First: They fought for freedom


Just add dust


In search of the strange