Almost anywhere in Africa, at dawn, the light is glorious. By 09h00 I pack up my cameras and only haul them out again when the sun dips in the west. During the day the African sun is too hot, too bright, too glaring.

I use only Nikon cameras and lenses. Until traveling to Antarctica I used, almost exclusively, Fuji Velvia 50asa. It took getting used to, that film, but when you get it right there’s nothing like it for warmth and texture.

In Antarctica, however, light conditions were so extreme I had to use digital to see what I was doing. Since then I’ve never gone back to film. These days I mostly use a Nikon D700 with a bagful of lenses. Amazing camera! And a Leica D-Lux 4 and Nikon P7100 as backup.

Most of my photography is outdoors and much of it is in wild or natural places. I also specialise, when I can, in people, especially children. The children of Africa are so engaging, so beautiful…


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